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HAIs costly for hospitals

How Much Are HAIs Really Costing Your Healthcare Facility?

Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are an enormous problem for healthcare providers, their patients, and their communities.

3 Ways Fogging With HOCl Can Reduce Turn Times

Common solutions to address HAIs include deploying disinfectants like bleach and hydrogen peroxide. Hypochlorous acid offers a faster, more effective alternative. When paired with automated fogging technologies, it can reduce turn times while enhancing disinfection efficacy.

Nevoa Partner Profile: Job Options

For many people, work is more than just a means of making a living. Job Options bridges the gap for people with disabilities. Learn about our partner!

How HOCl Supports Eco-Friendly Healthcare Practices

Hypochlorous acid is a powerful disinfectant capable of killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses. See how HOCl supports eco-friendly practices.

ER Wait Times Are a ‘Crisis Situation’ We Need to Solve Now

Several factors make the ER the primary place patients receive care. so longer wait times are an inevitable result. We need to solve this crisis.

Rising Antimicrobial Resistance Demands Better Disinfection Solutions

Nevoa highlights the critical challenges of antimicrobial resistance in healthcare settings & the innovative solutions required to combat it.

Reassessing Perioperative Disinfection Guidelines for the Modern Era

We aim to uncover the potential for emerging and hospital-ready technologies to enhance safety and efficiency in perioperative care.

Are You Using Disposable Wipes Effectively in a Medical Setting? You May be Surprised

In principle, the idea of one wipe, one surface, one direction seems simple. In practice, it’s significantly more complicated. Learn about the challenges that arise from manual cleaning & disposable wipes.

How Does Robotic-Assisted Surgery Affect SSIs?

Robotic-assisted surgeries have a demonstrated positive impact on SSI reduction, amplifying several factors that help healthcare providers operate more efficiently and effectively.

Advances in Perioperative Infection Prevention

Healthcare providers must implement evidence-based strategies to reduce the risk of SSIs and other complications. Here are recent advances in perioperative infection prevention that can maximize patient outcomes.

How To Prevent Surgical Site Infections

Surgical site infections can be detrimental. Here are the top ways to prevent surgical site infections at your healthcare facility.

Debunking 5 Myths About Fogging in the Healthcare Setting

Here are the top five myths about fogging and the truth about its use in the healthcare setting.

How To Improve Sustainability in Healthcare Settings

There are steps we can take to elevate our awareness & improve our practices to minimize our environmental impact in healthcare settings.

Understanding the Future of Fogging in the OR

Disinfection in a healthcare setting, and particularly within an operating room (OR), is both fundamental and uncompromisingly critical. When it comes to maximizing the impact of cleaning and disinfection, methodology matters.

5 Frightening Truths About Manual Cleaning in Healthcare Settings

Maintaining a high standard of cleanliness & hygiene is essential. Here are five frightening truths about manual cleaning in healthcare settings.

White Paper: Combating HAIs Without Compromise

Learn to balance efficacy and efficiency in the battle against HAIs, and get actionable advice you can implement today in our new white paper: The Invisible Threat: Combating Healthcare-Associated Infections Without Compromise.

UV Light

Considering UV for Advanced Disinfection? 5 Surprising Shortcomings

Advanced disinfection solutions that use sophisticated technologies to eliminate viruses and bacteria have become critical in the healthcare setting.

Every Surgical Patient Deserves Advanced Disinfection

When it comes to protecting patient safety & promoting optimal patient outcomes in a healthcare setting, 1 of the biggest enemies is surgical site infections.

The Importance of Advanced Disinfection in Hospitals

Hospital-associated infections (HAIs) are a major concern in healthcare facilities worldwide, putting patients at risk.

Stratus Fogger Simplifies Advanced Disinfection Between Surgeries to Combat SSIs

Our Stratus handheld fogger with Microburst hypochlorous acid (HOCI) kills 99.9999% of pathogens in just two minutes.

Nevoa Announces its Membership in Innovators for Leapfrog

Nevoa, Inc., a leader in the field of automated whole-room disinfection, announced today that it has joined Innovators for Leapfrog.

A Safer, Better Alternative to Traditional Disinfectants: Understanding HOCl

Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) is a powerful but often overlooked pH-neutral disinfectant capable of killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

How Automated Whole-Room Disinfection Impacts Healthcare Labor Efficiency

Environmental surfaces contribute significantly to the transmission of pathogens in healthcare environments, putting patients and personnel at risk.

Infection Prevention: How To Prevent the Spread of C. Auris

While countless pathogens can cause an HAI, one fungus, in particular, keeps hospital administrators up at night: Candida auris (C. auris), a multi-drug resistant fungus.

UV vs. Foggers: Which is Best for Hospital Disinfection?

Choosing the right disinfection method can help you maintain a healthy hospital environment and ensure patient safety.

Hypochlorous Acid – The Safer Choice for Hospital Disinfection

Infection control in hospitals is essential, helping prevent hospital-acquired infections (HAI), protecting vulnerable individuals, and maintaining a safe environment for frontline workers.

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