Mission statement


Nevoa was created to tackle a major problem that few outside of the healthcare environment are aware of. 


  • Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs) are the 5th leading cause of death in the United States.
  • One out of 25 patients get an infection they didn’t have when they were admitted to a hospital.
  • HAIs cause up to 100,000 deaths and exceed $45 Billion in direct medical cost each year.

Despite the incredible efforts taken by hospital teams, these infections continue to be a problem.


Nevoa believes the answer is technology based solutions that automate disinfection. Nevoa’s mission is to transform the healthcare industry’s decades-old manual disinfection and cleaning practices to highly effective, automated protocols that provide superior disinfection at a reduced overall cost.


While other “whole room” disinfection technologies exist, they all come with significant shortcomings. Some cannot sufficiently reach pathogens on every surface in a room – including difficult corners or behind and underneath furniture and equipment.


Other options use much more corrosive chemicals that also require hours before you can safely re-enter the room.The combination of the Nimbus Technology with Microburst Solution effectively tackles the issue of HAIs while addressing the short comings of other whole-room disinfection technologies.  

Our Team

Nevoa was founded by a group of healthcare professionals and technology experts who recognized the urgent need for automated disinfection solutions in hospitals to improve patient safety and reduce the burden of costly HAIs.

Peter Hoff

Vice President of Sales

Connie Addessi, RN

Clinical Director


Our whole-room fogging technology is the only patented, hospital-grade surface disinfecting system approved for fogging with EPA-registered hypochlorous acid (HOCl).

Immediate Room Re-Entry


Every patient deserves advanced disinfection. This lightweight handheld fogger makes between-case disinfection easy, efficient and highly effective in just two minutes.


Nevoa’s proprietary hypochlorous acid solution is pH neutral, non-toxic and 80x – 100x more effective than bleach.


SaniiSwab is a two-step cleansing and sanitization system that can help reduce HAIs. Completely disposable, it cleans away debris and allergens. 

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