Nevoa Partner Profile: Job Options

Q&A with Nazar Masry, VP of Operations, Job Options Inc.

For many people, work is more than just a means of making a living. It’s a way of life, an identity, and a catalyst for interpersonal connections that last a lifetime. 


It’s also often out of reach for millions of people with disabilities. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, just 22.5 percent of people with a disability were employed in 2023, and the unemployment rate for people with disabilities was 7.2 percent, double the rate for those without a disability. 


That’s where Job Options, Inc. steps in, bridging the gap by providing tailored employment opportunities and comprehensive support services designed to empower individuals with disabilities. 


We recently sat down with Nazar Masry, VP of Operations at Job Options, to learn more about the company’s innovative approaches to creating inclusive workplaces, their ongoing initiatives to support employees with disabilities, and the impact they’re making in the health care sector.


Tell us a little bit about Job Options’ mission and the services you provide. 


Founded in 1987, Job Options is a not-for-profit organization based in San Diego, California. We are on a mission to provide employment opportunities to disabled individuals, military veterans, and others with blocks to employment. 


Many of our customers come from government contracts through AbilityOne. Today, we are the 11th largest service provider in the AbilityOne program. Ninety percent of our business falls under the AbilityOne program, with the remaining business falling under the laundry and linen services we provide to our Hospitality partners.


We offer a variety of services, including: 

  • Hospital Environmental Services
  • Administrative Services
  • Commissaries
  • Facilities
  • Food Services
  • Laundry 

In 2024, Job Options has six divisions and approximately 1,000 employees.


Can you share a success story of an employee who has benefited from working with Job Options?


We have so many success stories that it’s difficult to pick just one. We continually see that people with disabilities can do this job, and they make important contributions at their workplaces, which positively impacts their personal lives.


However, one employee who sticks out was homeless and couldn’t find work. We hired him, and his life entirely changed. He was able to move into stable housing and improve his life in so many ways. I love stories like that. 


We’ve seen other employees move into supervisory roles and re-linking their careers, allowing them to experience upward mobility after extended periods of relative stagnation. 


In every situation, we are not doing charity work. These people are not disabled. Everyone has disabilities, but everyone has unique abilities too, and we’ve excelled at helping people identify their strengths and put them into practice in ways that benefit everyone. 


How do Job Options’ services specifically cater to the needs of federal healthcare facilities?


We work with Navy and Army hospitals across several states. We provide the staff, management, supplies, and equipment necessary to meet our clients’ needs. We adhere to the performance work statement, which outlines our required tasks, while also following industry and healthcare guidelines, including Health, Safety, and Environmental Services practice standards. 


We conduct extensive training on industry standards and offer additional coaching to ensure our staff have the necessary skills and tools to perform their jobs effectively.


Understanding that the highest standards of cleaning and disinfection are critical in a healthcare setting, in what ways does Job Options ensure high standards of cleaning and disinfection in these facilities?


High standards for cleaning and disinfection are critical in a healthcare setting, and Job Options ensures these standards are met by providing specialized training and a comprehensive curriculum that equips every employee to meet or exceed these standards. 


Our staff undergoes extensive training for cleaning and disinfecting in a Healthcare setting, both through our internal programs and industry-standard training. Many of our staff members achieve certification as Certified Healthcare Environmental Services Technicians (CHEST).


We also provide training that focuses on cleaning in a healthcare facility and covers infection prevention, systematic room cleaning methods, machine setup, and customer service.


We maintain these high standards through continuous training, which includes daily, weekly, and monthly sessions, combined with rigorous validation of work, including direct supervision and competency validation, to ensure that our staff consistently meets the highest standards of cleanliness and disinfection.


What prompted Job Options to collaborate with Nevoa? 


Nevoa provides a reliable disinfection solution, which we discovered at an industry conference. We needed a disinfection solution that was easy to use without compromising efficacy. Nevoa developed a new product and machine that achieved these objectives. We are grateful for their continued innovation and appreciate the technology.


How has Nevoa’s advanced disinfection technology been integrated into your service offerings?


We are using it in the emergency department and for Patient room cleaning. While we still conduct manual cleaning regimens, Nevoa’s technology serves as the final step in the cleaning and disinfection process to ensure that all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected.


Anything else you’d like to add about Job Options or your partnership with Nevoa?


Working with Nevoa has been a great partnership. Unlike traditional cleaning and commercial contractors, we require more assistance and support, and our relationship with Nevoa has accommodated that. 


They don’t just sell a product; they ensure that it’s useful and effective for our organization. Nevoa has consistently developed new products to meet our changing requirements. It’s truly a partnership. They are always available and supply us with whatever we need.

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